What Is Strategic Security Management?


strategic security management workers
Strategic security management encompasses intelligence gathering and analysis, threat assessment, workplace violence, cybersecurity, and corporate security to safeguard personnel, assets, and information. In an age of cyberthreats, international turmoil, and homegrown hackers and terrorists, strategic security management is more important than ever. To effectively secure our borders and our boardrooms, we need to be able to identify risks, assess potential harm, and most importantly, prevent it.

Strategic security management varies by industry. If you are employed at a large investment bank, for example, a large part of your focus will be on cybersecurity to protect the bank’s information and funds. Large companies need strategic security management to protect employees while traveling and to prevent corporate espionage. Managers in the field develop policies and procedures to enhance the security of their organization’s computer networks, customer information, financial assets, trade secrets, and patents.

What Kinds of Businesses Need Strategic Security Management?

Security Management is critical across industries and organizations. From private corporations to nonprofits and government agencies, keeping assets, information, and personnel safe is of paramount importance.

Federal, State and Local Government Agencies

A government’s confidential data and computer networks must be safeguarded. Security measures might involve protecting energy and water supplies, transportation systems, and U.S. airspace from chemical, biological, electronic, or other terrorist attacks.

Banking and Financial Institutions

Financial institutions of all sizes move money and make investments all over the world. Strategic security protects the integrity of computer networks to prevent hacking and theft of confidential information and assets.

Private Companies

Strategic security departments help protect intellectual property and the people who create it. They might identify competitors trying to steal trade secrets or determine if internal employees are selling confidential information. Strict security procedures protect employees when they travel abroad, and protocols are in place for background checks and security clearance.

Healthcare Facilities

Under federal mandates, hospitals and other healthcare providers must securely control patient records and adhere to HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). Strategic security would oversee compliance and protect patients and medical personnel.

Social Media

Social media platforms can be useful communication tools during a security emergency, but they are also subject to breeches and hacks. Large social media companies are now often held responsible for the content they allow on their platforms, particularly if it leads to a crime. That’s why they have large, diverse teams spread across the globe to investigate and analyze data to protect the billions of users on their sites.

What Does a Strategic Security Manager or Analyst Do?

Regardless of the organization, there are some day-to-day responsibilities you might have as a strategic security advisor, manager, or analyst:

  • Collect data and analyze and evaluate sources, assets, events, and systems for potential risks and vulnerabilities
  • Identify, describe, and critically evaluate information sources
  • Appraise current and emerging threats and challenges
  • Evaluate security issues using qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Manage intelligence and counterintelligence operations
  • Evaluate and order new security tools and technologies
  • Implement contingency planning and proactive security measures
  • Conduct and present basic research in strategic security issues
  • Write reports and make presentations that express your ideas and recommendations to decision-makers

There is significant demand for information security analysts and much faster than average job growth is expected through 2030. If you have a desire to protect American citizens, assets, and critical infrastructures, working in Strategic Security Management allows you serve. National American University offers online Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degree programs in Strategic Security, as well as two levels of certificates, that will help prepare you to work in Strategic Security Management. Click Learn More to discover a rewarding career path.


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